Button Down Striped Oxford Shirtdress in Ash Gray + White
Button Down Striped Oxford Shirtdress in Ash Gray + White

Claridge + King

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    It's all about the button-down from boyfriend-style shirts to fitted ones. And this season, Claridge + King brings you a new button-down with a cut, color, and style all its own. The Button-Down Shirtdress is a new, longer past-the-knee-and-then-some dress created with a slightly heavier gray striped oxford cloth.

    Built with bracelet-length sleeves (3/4 length), appointed with long 5-inch, single-button cuffs, and pockets on each side seam, you can wear this versatile dress belted (it comes with a coordinating one) or without it.

    The Button-Down Shirtdress also features a classic point collar and matching buttons that coordinate with the ash-gray fabric of the dress.

    Buttons covered in matching ash gray oxford with white stripes.

    Bracelet-length sleeves.

    Beautiful single button closure, 5-inch long cuffs.

    Pockets built into each side seam.

    Coordinating belt.

    Classic point collar.

    Longer past-the-knee length.

    Generous side slit openings (18 ½-inches).

    Label recommends dry clean only.

    We say - Know your washing limitations, item is 100% cotton.