Great White Shirt with Black Ribbon
Great White Shirt with Black RibbonGreat White Shirt with Black Ribbon

Claridge + King

  • DO'S & DON'TS

    The latest version of C+K's Great White Shirt is crafted with a narrow, black grosgrain ribbon peeking out above the top of each cuff, as well as one that runs inside the sleeve’s button placket. Wear this shirt all on its own, or reveal the cuff’s black edge beneath a sweater or jacket. 

    Beautifully crafted with 100-percent fine cotton pinpoint shirting, this slim-cut white blouse is appointed with engraved mother-of-pearl buttons and features a covered front button placket.

    Wear this blouse fully tucked in, partially tucked in front / out in the back, or totally worn out over pants or jeans for an effortless casual look. 

    100% white pinpoint cotton.

    ¼-inch wide black grosgrain ribbon placed above each cuff.

    Label recommends Dry clean only.

    We say - Know your washing limitations, item is 100% cotton.