Merry Advent Artisan Piñata
Merry Advent Artisan Piñata

An Indulge Seasonal!

    A festive tree filled with surprises- a  countdown of the days till Christmas. Topped with a sparkly gold star, the piñata holds 24 colorful mini boxes. Each day of advent, open the  corresponding number box and receive a small toy or treat. 

    Surprises include: little games, toys, friendship bracelet, tattoos, miniatures, stick on mustache, sweets quotes and fortunes. 

    On Christmas morning, lift the hatch on the bottom of the tree by gently tugging on the little ribbon, to reveal your Christmas gifts: Unwind the Surprise Ball and find many gifts including a  confetti popper, whistle, paper crowned more.

    Best of all, this tree is reusable year after year. Next year you can fill with your own miniatures and treats. Refillable! Make a fun tradition year after year! 

    Made in USA.

    Ages 3+.

    14" H.