Velvet Pumpkin Patch in Slate, Celery + Husk
Velvet Pumpkin Patch in Slate, Celery + HuskVelvet Pumpkin Patch in Slate, Celery + Husk

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  • DO'S & DON'TS

    Set of 3 beautiful, hand-made velvet pumpkin clusters with natural, organic stems. NO GORDS WERE HARMED IN THE CREATION OF THESE PIECES.

    Velvet fabric and natural gord stems. 4", 5", & 6" Pumpkins.Each pumpkin is handmade using natural gord stems, resulting in varying shapes.

    Please keep in mind the color + size of the pumpkins will vary with each order.

    Photo demonstrates only one of nine possible combinations.

    DO NOT PICK PUMPKINS UP BY STEMS, USE BASE. Store in a cool, dry location. Previous customers have warned not store in hot attic or garage. Our illustrious owner enjoys hers year round in a bowl in her kitchen. Her housekeeper is less likely to break them than the allibaster marble fruit she had!