The Great White Shirt, No. 2
The Great White Shirt, No. 2

Claridge + King

  • DO'S & DON'TS

    The Great White Shirt #2 has a beautiful white grosgrain ribbon detail running down the front of the blouse's placket, as well as each of the cuffs.

    The Great White Shirt #2 is ideal to wear with so many of your wardrobe essentials from a pencil skirt to boyfriend jeans to your favorite blazer. Crisp. White. Fitted.

    Wear this blouse fully tucked in, partially tucked in front / out in the back, or totally worn out over pants or jeans for an effortless casual look. 

    This beautifully crafted shirt is made from the finest cotton shirting and is appointed with engraved mother-of-pearl buttons, 4-inch long barrel cuffs and a pointed collar you can flip up or fold neatly down.

    Slim fit shirt.

    White grosgrain ribbon that runs the length of the front and cuff plackets.

    Extended 4-inch long cuffs with single button closure.

    2 3/8" pointed collar tips.

    100% easy-care, white pinpoint fabric.

    Label recommends Dry clean only. We say - Know your washing limitations, item is 100% cotton.