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The Bridesmaid Handbook
The Bridesmaid Handbook

An Indulge Favorite!


    Smart, helpful, and honest, The Bridesmaid Handbook lets you be your most brilliant bridesmaid self with lots of tips, advice, interactive materials, and a healthy dose of self-care strategies.

    There's nothing quite like being a bridesmaid. From throwing love-filled celebrations to wearing fabulous outfits, it can be one of the most unique and rewarding experience of your life. Just as important, it is a beautiful expression of your commitment and love for your bestie.

    But let's not kid ourselves: It can also be a lot of work. But with this practical guide by your side, you’ll be ready for anything. From tips on finding the best outfit (jumpsuits are the new power suit) to advice on sticky situations (it’s OK, you can say no), The Bridesmaid Handbook has got you covered.

    • A Bridesmaid Bill of Rights (#2: You have the right to look and feel good on the wedding day)
    • Bridal shower and bachelorette ideas and activities
    • Handy budget breakdowns (and where you can save)
    • Tips for navigating each wedding event, including the big day
    • Checklists, worksheets, and more!


    248 pages 

    four-color illustrations

    5" x 7"