Bistrot Vintage Flatware Set in Faux Horn
Bistrot Vintage Flatware Set in Faux HornBistrot Vintage Flatware Set in Faux Horn

Sabre Paris

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    With the Bistrot collection, we were inspired by those living spaces that we love: our restaurants, our terraces, our cafés.
    In designing these cutlery we wanted to be faithful while being modern: the lines are simple, the rivets are there, the colors and materials appear. From red to blue, including materials with horn or scale effects. Available in shiny or vintage finish, we are sure that you will appreciate this collection that we wanted to be authentic and current at the same time.

    This 5-piece Saber box is composed of a tablespoon, a table fork, a table knife, a teaspoon and a dessert fork, which will be perfect for enjoying a dessert or a hall.

    Dishwasher safe at 45°C maximum