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Bouteille Carré Petit Carafe Set in Blue Glass
Bouteille Carré Petit Carafe Set in Blue GlassBouteille Carré Petit Carafe Set in Blue Glass

La Soufflerie

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    The Bouteille Carré Petit bottles are designed in a square shape to be able to fit in your refrigerator door. The Lyonnais cup is inspired by the Festival of Lights in Lyon, France. This unique Lyonnais tradition happens every year on December 8th where every house has votive candles in little glass containers in all their windows to participate in the festival and light up the streets. This pair come as a carafe set perfect for a bedside table. They may also be used separately as a bud vase or for a small votive!

    Handmade in France.

    100% recycled glass.

    Carafe: 7.5" H x 3.5" W. Glass: 2.8" H x 2.5" W.

    Each piece is handmade so there will be variations, no piece is identical.

    Dishwasher safe but highly recommended to be washed by hand to avoid scratches.