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Brave Hair
Brave HairBrave Hair


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    True style of course manifests in the details. Apart from his terrific mane with that meticulously crafted “undone” look, our premium plush lion wows his admirers with naturalistic coat coloring, comically outsized paws and that nothing-can-faze-me facial expression. The king of BEASTSTOWN is particularly popular with teenagers, but really with anyone who has a penchant for the truly iconic.

    This is Brave Hair's story as written on his tag: 

    "The star among stylists in BeastsTown. His speciality is his signature blow-dried, wavy do that stands up to any weather. Many a Beast have discovered their new personality in his salon – his most famous creation is still his “Fall-Out Flush-Cut” that Mopp Toddel wears."

     Height: 16.9"

     Material: Plush. Wadding: Polyester

     Age: 12+ Years

     CareMachine wash in cold cycle