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Cesky Vase
Cesky Vase

La Soufflerie

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    The Cesky Bud Vase is inspired by Charles Baudelaire and true Bohemia… The Czech Republic. “I think I will drink a Bohemian wine, bitter and victorious, a liquid sky that sprinkles my heart with stars!” The wine region of Moravia and the glass blowing region of Bohemia, famous for its quality and craftsmanship of glass blowing. The unique and ornate bands that wrap vertically up the vase make it quite a statement piece.

    Handmade in France.

    100% recycled glass.

    3.5” D x 4.75" H.

    Each piece is handmade and mouthblown so there will be variations in size, color, and texture.  No piece is identical, adding to the special nature of this vase.

    Dishwasher safe but highly recommended to be washed by hand to avoid scratches.