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Crab Dip Bowl
Crab Dip BowlCrab Dip BowlCrab Dip BowlCrab Dip BowlCrab Dip Bowl

Vagabond House

  • DO'S & DON'TS

    Vagabond House's Crab Dip Bowl, is a footed, large glass bowl resting on 3 intricately detailed pewter crabs. The Maryland Blue Crab inspired bowls showcase your creative culinary skills, perfect for creamy dips, spicy salsas and mixed crudités. The the bowl serves about 1.5 cups.

    5" W x 3" T.

    To clean your pewter after using it to serve food, hand wash in warm water using liquid dish soap.

    Do not pre-soak items in hot water as part of the hand washing process.