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Flambeau Candlestick Vase
Flambeau Candlestick Vase

La Soufflerie

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    The “Flambeau” is a French term used to describe what once was the only means of lighting available: a flaming torch which is what the piece is inspired by, hence it’s peculiar shape. This word has multiple poetic interpretation, it can also define something or someone who will guide humanity or describe an important task or role you’ll trust someone with “passer le flambeau à quelqu’un”.  In our case, The “Flambeau” is a long and elegant candle holder that would look fabulous between two red wine glasses on a long dinner table but can also be used as a chic flower vase.

    Handmade in France.

    100% recycled glass.

    8.25" H.

    Each piece is handmade and mouthblown so there will be variations in size, color, and texture.  No piece is identical, adding to the special nature of this vase.

    Dishwasher safe but highly recommended to be washed by hand to avoid scratches.