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Jane Cascading Flowers Nightgown
Jane Cascading Flowers NightgownJane Cascading Flowers NightgownJane Cascading Flowers Nightgown

Jacaranda Living

  • DO'S & DON'TS

    White cotton gowns in a smock, halter, thin strap, or dress shirt style provide a myriad of chic cuts pulled from the past few centuries of women’s fashion. Jacaranda's nightgowns are designed in Boston and made overseas. Jacaranda believes international partnerships set them apart because of the use of socially responsible production that pays tribute to the hard work of their highly skilled seamstresses and embroiderers.

    Pure cotton. 

    Avoid dry cleaning; 100% cotton is best kept when gently washed and cared for at home. Keep washer and dryer options gentle and cool, not hot, and your fine fabric will simply become softer and cozier with each wash.