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Polka Dots Bamboo Handled Umbrella in Beige + Brown
Polka Dots Bamboo Handled Umbrella in Beige + Brown


  • DO'S & DON'TS

    After purchasing a similar bamboo handled umbrella 15 years ago at a certain Madison Ave. NY store (that is now shuttered, tears), Cynthia received hundreds of compliments on her charming, practical, and portable umbrella that never went of style. She searched tirelessly over the next decade and a half for a similar/ like umbrella to sell at Indulge but to no avail. Then her luck would change, she found the exact same umbrella manufacturer that had crafted her beautiful bamboo umbrella. And, now the grandson was running the company and excited to create a rainbow of colorful umbrellas each season that would coordinate with the new arrivals of fashion.

    This item is an Indulge Favorite!

    Handmade in Italy. 

    Bamboo handle & water proof fabric canopy.

    Comes with protective sleeve in coordinating color. 

    Do wash small stains off canopy with gentle fabric soap, water and towel.

    Test inside of canopy before cleaning.

    Don't leave umbrella behind, it surely to be swiped.