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Rose Mint Scented Diffuser
Rose Mint Scented DiffuserRose Mint Scented Diffuser

Carrière Frères

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    Carrière Frères celebrates the surprising union between the Spearmint, deep green perennial plant, and the “Queen of Flowers”: the Damascus Rose. Between the delicate Damascus Rose and the heady Spearmint, the idyll is strong. The lovers meet themselves in the heart of a diffuser and in the shape of an apothecary flask to exhale the freshness of their love.


    The rose here emphasizes the freshness of the mint. A floral and intense picture is drawn then, leaving the senses awake. On the labels, outlined with a golden rim, a bouquet of roses embraces a few sprigs of spearmint. All in all, the story is simple: rose loves mint and vice versa!

    Luxury crafted in Normandy, France.

    6.4 fluid oz.

    8 to 12 week duration.

    On first use, for an immediate release, soak the rattan sticks in the bottle and flip them so that the scented part of the sticks is outside of the bottle.

    In order to obtain a continuous diffusion, flip the sticks during the first two weeks of use and then every four days until complete evaporation of the perfume.

    Changing the number of sticks allows to modify the intensity of the perfume.

    Perfume diffusion will last about 8 to 12 weeks.

    This duration may vary depending on the size of the room where the room fragrance diffuser is located, the room temperature, the exposure of the diffuser to direct sunlight, and draughts, which increase the evaporation of the perfume.