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Speedster Rideable Car in Silk Grey
Speedster Rideable Car in Silk GreySpeedster Rideable Car in Silk Grey


  • DO'S & DON'TS

    A real race car! A rejuvenated line, an aerodynamic design, an all-metal steering wheel. The ultimate experience for instructional pilots!
    Conveniently installed on his Speedster, stable and sturdy, hands on the bike, feet on the ground, your child will quickly become an ace of the wheel!

    Metal body and rubber tires.

    This pedal car must be used under surveillance of an adult. One passenger at a time. This car has no brakes. Do not drive on public roads, on steep hills, stairs or near water. Do not use on rough terrain for jumps or stunts. Be sure to perform regular maintenance and control of the main parts.