The League Shirt in Crisp White
The League Shirt in Crisp WhiteThe League Shirt in Crisp White

Claridge + King

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    Are you a collar flipper? As you might have noticed, we love to flip up our collars. One day it occurred to us, why not create an entirely new fitted-shirt-style with a stand-up collar for those–like us–who love to flip their collars, too! 

    Introducing The League, a fitted shirt built with a three-inch-high stand-up collar reinforced with an inner lining to keep it standing tall and straight. Along with our new collar design, the neckline gracefully tapers to create a subtle V-neck opening. 

    Like our popular Ivy fitted-shirt-style, The League also features four-inch-long barrel cuffs with a single-button closure and engraved mother-of-pearl buttons. 

    • Color: crisp white
    • 100% cotton easy-care fabric
    • Four-inch-long barrel cuffs
    • 3-inch-high stand-up collar
    • Slightly longer back length
    • Curved menswear-style shirttail and gusset
    • Mother-of-pearl buttons

    Machine wash cold